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A book review by Michael Morgan

Back in the 1980’s “The Sharper Image” catalog became something of a must-have for the dynamic and upwardly mobile 30-somethings of that era who used the catalog as a coffee table book to reflect their hip and trendy lifestyles. The catalog became almost as much a status symbol and statement of attitude as the cool gizmos it promoted.

Now that Retro is the new trend, “Mantiques” by Eric Bradley has achieved what “The Sharper Image” catalog could never be. “Mantiques” is timeless because the items in its pages are themselves timeless artifacts representing history in physical form. Better yet, this book can be enjoyed many different ways.

Coffee table books are used to impress visitors and enhance the beauty of a room, and the amazing photography in “Mantiques” is fully up to the task. The tasteful cover harkens back to the days of Norman Rockwell’s America, and browsing the pages is like taking a walk through a museum.  This book is a natural for an office or home setting because it can be picked up on a whim and enjoyed.

“Mantiques” is a buyer’s guide for collectors providing a general guide to the value of artifacts from an amazing array of categories. For the beginning collector, the book is chock full of ideas that suggest starting points for a collection and an idea of the cost involved.

“Mantiques” is an excellent decorating guide for the man cave or “his” special place in the home. Whether he’s a rustic, or an urbanite, something in this book will appeal to him. Once that first collectible acquisition is made, nature will take its course, and that will lead to probably the most useful thing about “Mantiques”.

Need gift ideas for the man who has everything? “Mantiques” has that covered too. Gift-givers no longer have to be an expert. Mr. Bradley has already done the homework. Browse the book like a catalog using the easy to understand categories. Something perfect is bound to leap off the page.

A book has finally come along that delivers a lot of personal satisfaction and inspiration to the owner. For guys, and those that love their guy, “Mantiques” is impossible to beat for a book that is just plain fun. An excellent gift in its own right, the light reading and sharp photos really make this book enjoyable to a broad audience.

I can’t recommend “Mantiques” by Eric Bradley enough.

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