I’ve been having so much fun setting up this blog, I forgot to give myself a proper introduction. Please forgive me, and allow me to correct the oversight.

My name is Michael Morgan, and I write books and articles on antique technologies, pop culture, movies, books, and anything else that catches my attention.

My first book “The Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolvers” was published by F+W Media under their Gun Digest mark in January, 2014.  It has been well received and positively reviewed in the US and UK.


The Handbook is intended for the person interested in the revolvers that were really in use during the opening of the Old West and during the War of Northern Aggression (1861-1865), but did not know where to start. The so-called “Owner’s Manuals” that come with the modern replica pistols available to the modern shooter are written by lawyers, and are more about defusing liability suits than teaching the new owner how to correctly use the product. “The Handbook of Modern Percussion Revolvers” assumes the reader knows little about these classic guns, and walks you through every step of the loading process, the cleaning process, safe gun handling, complete disassembly of three common guns, and basic trouble shooting. The text is enhanced with high quality color photos, and accompanied by historical information and pop-culture references.

I have several other books in progress, and I’ll post about them as they become available.

My blogging efforts started when Heritage Auctions put out a call for prospective writers. One of the things I love about working at Heritage is almost everyone there is an expert on something. Rare coins & currency, Space artifacts, Rock & Roll Memorabilia, Comic books, and many other arcane topics are common water cooler conversation during the day. One of my more memorable experiences was when my boss came to my desk, showed me a photo of an artifact that looked like some kind of flintlock pistol, and asked if I knew what it was. Being able to answer the question really made me feel like one of the crew, and I have since been able to contribute a bit here and there. As a result many of the postings on this blog will be pieces I have written for Heritage, and I hope you find them interesting,

Nobody lives in a vacuum, at least nobody mankind has encountered so far, so please give me your input, I’m happy to answer questions when I can.


Michael Morgan