…In an emerging dictatorship than a well-established one?
Today’s news from the FBI wasn’t a surprise, but it does signal the final transition from a republic to a dictatorship. When people in power no longer feel the need to pretend to follow the law, or to hide questionable actions, it means they feel strong enough to directly challenge the populace at large.
Recall what usually follows a coup.
Josef Stalin – 15-20 million dead.
Adolf Hitler – 6-10 Million Dead
Pol Pot & Khmer Rouge 1-1.5 Million dead.
Amerika – TBD
A lot of people throw a lot of mud on Vladimir Putin, but he took Russia back from the Mafiosi who had sucker punched Yeltsin, and he’s cleaned up the train wreck that was the aftermath of the Soviet Union.
Based on my experience, Russians have more freedom of thought, action, and speech than Americans do. Now that the velvet gloves have been burned it makes me wonder who is better off.