I’ve been across the sea to do some research on the impact of the oft-bragged about the economic sanctions being imposed on the Russian Federation by the Obama Administration, and various NATO members. Supposedly these sanctions are crippling the Russian economy, and having a terrible impact on the Russian Main Street.

For some reason the military industrialists and NATO war hawks think Russian history started with the Soviet Union, and these goobers ignore over a millennia of pre-Soviet history that is far more instructive of the Russian character.

In a nutshell: Russians don’t give a rat’s behind about the West. They never have, and probably never will. When threatened, they hunker down, and fight like cornered wolverines.

If you doubt me, read about what happened to Napoleon’s army as it retreated from Moscow. Read about the sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad. A bear will back down from a wolverine because the bear is smart enough to know the fight isn’t worth the pain that comes after the fight starts.

In my recent visit, I saw plenty of the impact of these puppet theater sanctions, and I offer the following photo evidence, that folks in the West are being lied to…still.

Pictures from the new “OKay” grocery store chain in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Note all of the empty shelves.

Grocery Meat CounterFrozen GroceryGrocery1

Folks on the street dressed in rags, driving old jalopies. And don’t forget the lines of people trying to get into the empty stores.

IMG_1262 IMG_1261


20160726_141433 20160726_141734

In other news… a few photos from Athens, Greece.

Please note the cleanliness and serenity on the streets.

These were taken a 5 minute walk away from the Parliament building.

20160716_105255 20160716_105259 20160716_105305

Hey Mr. President!

Wolverines are closely related to Honey Badgers and “Honey Badger don’t care.”