“Far as I see it, you people been given the shortest end of the stick ever been offered a human soul in this crap-heel ‘verse.
But you took that end, and you – well, you took it.
And that’s – Well, I guess that’s somethin’.” ~ Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb in the Firefly episode Jaynestown


As comically awkward as that speech was in the TV show, it was never more applicable to a group of people who have suddenly become the victims of US foreign policy.


After all of the nonsense about banning the majority of the Russian Olympic team over alleged “doping”, whatever that means this week, the #POTUS has convinced the International Olympic Committee to ban the Russian Paralympic team.


Srlsly? FNG SRSLY?!!
I am so furious about this action, I’m having a hard time remembering this is a family friendly blog.


This jerk is going to pick on people who have “been given the shortest stick ever been offered to a human being”, and worked their tails off to take that stick and make it their own by overcoming their so-called disabilities and fully living their lives as human beings.
Paralympians from EVERY country serve as examples of what “disabled” people can achieve by making use of the abilities they have. This is especially important to people who have just had a life changing event that robbed them of the lifestyle they had enjoyed before that event.


Accident victims, terrorist victims, crime victims, wounded warriors, the elderly.

These people NEED living examples of folks who refused to accept the limitations of their physical bodies, and who found new ways to live life at the highest possible intensity.

If the #POTUS wants to pick on the regular Olympians, I can’t stop him. I’ll hate him for it, but he’s not the first to do so.


Messing with the Paralympians is just going too far.
The only low he hasn’t sunk to is attacking the Special Olympics, but he still has a few months left in the Ivory Tower before he gets to hand the pitchfork to #Hitlery.