Our friends at USA Kilts published a fine reminder of the annual celebration of Scotland’s favorite poet Robert Burns (1759-1796).

The long standing tradition of gathering each January 25th for an evening of feasting, toasting, and the reading of the master’s works is a fine way to spend an evening with friends. Partaking of fine single malt scotch, haggis, fine blended scotch, short bread, just plain scotch, and poetry.

Check out their article at the link above, especially the recipe for casserole dish haggis. I have not tried it…yet.

Another source for fine tasting haggis that contains none of the ingredients that usually send American screaming into the dark is the Caledonian Kitchen . This company sells their haggis in cans through  the British Emporium in Grapevine , Texas, and online including Amazon .

As ye celebrate dinna ferget a bit o’ song gaes well wid d’ festivities, an’ this song should be an ad for Uber:

Drunken Scotsman