I happened to turn on Russian TV one afternoon, and the news was playing a story that will probably cause enough people in America to drop dead in shock that an invasion of either coast would meet no resistance. Zero, zippo, nada. Just dead bodies in windrows.
As odd as it may sound to Americans, Russians have an immediate and visceral memory of WWII. A huge proportion of their films and TV series are set against the backdrop of that conflict. Yes, even stuff made after 2015. That history is VERY personal to them.
The news item was all of 30 seconds, and I had to capture it on my iPhone and take screenshots from that. Apologies for the image quality.

Absolutely ZERO apologies to anyone who may be offended, upset, stressed, or otherwise distressed by the following images.

When I was a kid, this kind of thing was still considered “normal”, and we had many such presentations in school. In Amerika this would have resulted in jail time for every adult present, and clearly shows how far we have descended as a society.

It also explains why Russians do not give a rat’s behind about anything Amerika does or says.

These two gents are military re-enactors dressed as German soldiers of the WWII period. They are visiting a Russian Kindergarten class. 


The first thing they do is set a German machinegun on the floor.  OMG! Gasp! The Horror!


Cool! Show & Tell!


Learning about the dangers of fireworks


Yes, that is a German “potato masher” hand grenade, and a future headbanger fan on the right.

(Note the nice lady calmly sitting in the background holding a child on her lap.)

Now an early version of a (Gasp!) Assault Rifle


And weapon handling


It should be noted that the class ended with the same number of happy and healthy children as it started with.


How could that possibly happen?!

It happens because no PERSON in that room had any DESIRE to harm anyone else.

Something to think about, assuming rational thought is still a thing.