During WWII propaganda posters like this appeared all over the UK and America encouraging people to limit their personal travel to free up resources for the war effort.


Lately, several new reason have appeared that encourage folks to address the question “Is my trip really necessary?”

The puppet theatre known as the TSA failed to detect mock weapons and explosives 95% of the time in 2016, so the answer is obvious. Fire the director, and introduce “enhanced” patdown procedures for the agents.


Is this “enhancement” likely to make any difference to passenger safety? No, because it is all baloney.

I especially loved the quote from the LATimes.com article:

““The UPD [universal pat-down] lessens the cognitive burden for our officers…”

Translation: We would not want the people charged with maintaining security to actually have to THINK about how they do their jobs.

And there was some question about why they failed to detect bombs and weapons 95% of the time? Are these fine upstanding agents of the almighty State smart enough to read, much less reason based on objective evidence?

The only truly effective airport security is practiced by the Israeli airline, El Al. Of course we absolutely CAN’T employ their methods in the US because they intentionally PROFILE people, and select people those that meet certain criteria known to be related to terrorism for an additional chat.

In Western Europe and Turkey, the bad actors just moved their violence to the unsecured part of the airports. Maybe not quite as dramatic as crashing a plane, but just as many potential victims close by.

Then we get to the main beneficiaries of this sham, the airlines, and they are just as arrogant and abusive as the STASI guarding the doors.

A gent by the name of Dr. Dao has been all over the news lately after United Airlines had him dragged from their aircraft.

Now, we have an American flight attendant who was not having the best day according to the flight attendants’ union, violently acting on his arbitrary decision to move a stroller from an overhead bin to be checked with the regular luggage. In the process of his little attitude spasm, he “accidentally” hits the woman who owns the stroller in the head while she is holding two infants. When another passenger calls him on his poor behavior, the flight attendant puffs out his chest and challenges the passenger to a fight. As much as this asswipe deserved a vigorous slap across the windpipe, the only person who would be punished was the passenger who stood up for the lady.

I’ll give American Airlines credit. They stepped up to address the incident, and apologize immediately, but this should never have happened. United fiddle-farted around for a week, initially blaming the passenger, then realizing this was a PR nuke, they caved and admitted to being violent jerks.

Airlines and their supporting structures have lost sight of the fact that the American public are customers. We have rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and we have choices where we spend our money, so I suggest we starve the beast. If the airlines go down, so does the TSA, and many of the other useless intrusions into our lives.

Business can be conducted 24/7 from anywhere on the planet. Why are we still sending anyone anywhere? Other than pleasure travel, I just do not see the need that justifies the expense. If I want to travel for pleasure and to relive stress, air travel just flat doesn’t make the cut.

America has plenty of National Parks, State Parks, and other places to go on vacation. Sure, it may require a road trip to get there, but is a road trip any more burdensome than losing an entire day to:

  • Being groped and having your children made subjects of State sponsored child porn
  • Sitting cramped in poor seats
  • Overcharged for EVERYTHING
  • Being fed something that you can’t quite identify
  • Still be at risk of being bumped from your flight because the airline INTENTIONALLY sells too many tickets, or can’t get their personnel where they need to be on time?

Then you get to look forward to going through this crap-cycle again on the way home.

If I drive, I can stop and stretch when I need to. Eat food I actually want to eat, instead of something mysterious from a box. Make a detour because I happen to be passing the largest ball of twine in the world. Best of all, once I factor in the cost of airport parking, taxis, and time lost sitting in airports, driving is actually cheaper.

Airlines whine that they can’t make money with all of the union salary packages. The pilots and flight attendants make the same noise.

Screw ‘em! Let them starve until they understand that WE THE PEOPLE are paying their salaries, and they remember what it means to behave like reasonable, responsible, adults.

Let’s ask ourselves the reasonable question: “Is this trip really necessary?” If the answer is “yes”, then let’s get there without flying, and take back a bit of our dignity and freedom.