Read an article that should be a wake up for everyone who handles semi-auto firearms, and especially people who train others.

The cause of this is obvious to anyone who shoots tube fed rifles. (Ex: Winchester lever action rifles)

In those guns you have to use flat point bullets to prevent the nose of one round from crushing the primer of the round ahead of it as the gun recoils. (.22Lr guns get around this because the nose of the bullet does not rest on a primer.)

These people were doing malfunction training with LIVE ammo, and 9mm ball has such nice sharp points. When the slide was released to create the malfunction, the nose of the top bullet in the magazine slammed into the primer of the round in the chamber and BANG.

We MUST be careful and thoughtful in our actions people.

Please use dummy rounds when training weapon manipulations, and think about every move you make when handling weapons. EVERY accident and EVERY injury. WILL be used against us by those who would see our civil rights taken away.