The Administration at University of Texas, and their snowflake professors have been some of the most vocal critics of the pending Campus Concealed Carry bill passed in Texas.
Here are three prime examples of why lawful concealed carry is not the problem:

Gun Free Zone – “Safe” Place
“Harrison Brown, a freshman at the university, was one of four people stabbed by the suspect — Kendrex J. White — who “calmly walked around” campus with a “bowie-style” hunting knife and randomly stabbed other students, police and witnesses said.

The three others were injured in the attack.” ~
CHL Friendly – Safer Place
“Two people are dead, including the suspect, after gunfire erupted at a North Texas sports bar.
The shooting happened shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Zona Caliente sports bar in southern Arlington.

Police Lt. Christopher Cook says the shooter entered the restaurant, got into an argument with an employee and shot and killed the worker. A customer who was armed with a licensed concealed handgun confronted the gunman and shot him dead.” ~ ABC


The press keeps pushing the narrative that Kendrex White at UT had mental issues.
So what? We’re supposed to stand around an hope he doesn’t come after the rest of us?
My mother didn’t raise a child so stupid as that.

The punk in the bar?
It could have been a personal thing just between him and the bar manager, right?
Maybe he had mental issues too.
Who cares?
How would the bar patrons know?
Were they supposed to cower on the floor like those folks at Luby’s in Killeen did back before Texas had CHL laws?
Then there’s the murder suicide at Northlake College in Irving, Texas.
Another case where a Gun Free Zone failed to stop a horrible crime.
Would a person with a concealed weapon have made a difference? By all witness accounts, no. The murder was done and over with too quickly for anyone to react.

Let’s Try To Be Rational About This…

A person with a concealed weapon is NOT the panacea for every situation.
Concealed weapons give a person options. Sometimes the best option is to run away, or hide, or fight.

Isn’t that the mantra now days? Run – Hide – Fight?

If the best choice in a bad situation is to fight, it is certainly nice to have the tools that give you the best chance of coming out on top.