Books for Adults


I am expanding my writing from short articles and stories into full-length novels and how-to books related to old technologies.

Nonfiction Works

My nonfiction works generally fall into the area of history and old-time technology. The works are intended to provide a basic level understanding of a concept as a jumping off place for further study. I hope to share with my readers many of the things “I wish I’d known before I…”. Our modern society does not offer much in the way of apprenticeships or mentoring in the old ways of doing things. On an individual basis, our collective ancestors were far more inventive than most modern people because they had to figure out how to do things for themselves. We may look back and laugh at the quaint old-timey tools, but those tools got us to where we are today.


Fiction Works

I have been writing short stories and screenplays for some time. Now I’m in the process of turning them into novels and anthologies. I will be posting excerpts from time to time on this site, so stay tuned.


Current Projects

Ol’ Jimbo – A crusty mountain man leads a guerrilla campaign to rescue a village from outlaws in the New West.

Ladies, Fish, & Gentlemen – It is the 16th Century, and the European invasion of the western hemisphere has begun. A young noblewoman arrives in a North America that never was to become a swashbuckling conquistadora.

Behavioral Sink –  An idealistic young man confronts corruption and violence in the refugee barrios of New Detroit.